Marine Equipment

Since many years Nicoverken Marine Services has carefully selected quality products for the shipbuilding industry and the world of luxury yachting.

Marine suppliers have always played an important role in the shipbuilding industry. The Dutch suppliers of marine equipment are not a part of the shipbuilding industry. It is an independent maritime sector, which enjoys excellent worldwide reputation in terms of quality, know how and innovative technologies. Nicoverken Marine Services B.V. belongs to this sector with her service as marine equipment supplier and with the ship repair activities. Our target is to be a leading player in the field of maritime sectors. Our customer base consists of major players in the Dutch shipbuilding and yachting industry.

Our products:

Ballast Water Treatment systems, Marine drainage system (Stainless Steel pipes & drains), compact waste water treatment & vacuum systems and grease separators, RO (Reverse Osmosis) water makers, hot water systems, anti-fouling & ICCP (Impressed Current Corrosion Protection) systems, deck equipment (doors & hatches), water tight sliding doors, fuel filtration, oil/water separation, tender/rescue/life boat crane systems, interior fire doors glass sliding/hinged, partitions and pure glass walls.